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What is a chatbot?

Human-machine communication has long become a part of our daily life. Smartphones, laptops, and personal assistants are already at our fingertips, ready to respond to our commands. With AI chatbots, we can take this communication another step further. Our mission is to create chatbots able to disrupt the current status quo and provide even faster processing, faster answers, faster and smarter results. Join us in the new world empowered by chatbots!

A chatbot is the result of human interaction with artificial intelligence: a robot that automatically responds to messages entered by the user in the chat. Brainstem provides a wide range of high-quality services in AI chatbot Development for start-ups and enterprises. With professional excellence, we bring cutting-edge solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs and propel their business to the next level.

Our Methodology is to Eliminate mundane tasks by creating virtual assistants so people can concentrate on things that matter

We believe that humans are inherently creative and deserve interesting, engaging, and inspiring jobs, that's why we want to eliminate highly repeatable and programmable tasks from the list of their daily duties. By creating AI virtual assistants, we enable professionals to quickly and efficiently solve routine chores so that they can concentrate on things that really require a human touch.

Brainstem offers a full cycle of chatbot development services which includes creating a great UX design, chatbots analytics, admin panels, integrations, chatbot training and maintenance. All these combined with our experience in AI chatbot Development gives us the possibility to create outstanding chatbots. By providing chatbot Add-ons services we take care of our products at every stage of chatbot development from design to maintenance.

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