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Say hello to Jove, our very own Career Planning Expert.

What is JOVE?

Jove is a technological system based on deep learning and principles of psychology that provides every individual with a tailored and action-oriented plan, guiding them to success across every aspect of life. And hence, bringing and broadening the professional opportunities close to every child irrespective of their socio-economic status.

Why a continuous system, why not a one-time career guidance?

We conducted an online survey in which about 700 working professionals across 25 different industries participated and it turned out almost everyone has at least been a part of one-day career counselling program either in groups or personal but a minute section of the subjects remembered what they were actually counselled. When asked about did they take their career decision based on any counselling program, the result was shameful for the career counselling industry. The survey proves one-time counselling to be a failure and just a snake oil method to earn for some people.

Why scientific career counselling?

By scientific career counselling, Brainstem mean it to be really scientific. We have continuous development to prepare the best anti-cheat questionnaire in terms of accuracy, and extracting out needful information to analyse the mental capabilities, strengths, weakness, personality type, emotional quotient and DISC assessment. Some of these things are subject to change drastically when child enters the adulthood and some stays unaffected. Hence, to monitor all these things affecting the brain and to have a personalized mind map, Brainstem designed Jove. A free life counsellor for everyone based on a Deep-rooted AI platform.
Ask about any life problem to Jove and you will get the advice from the best counsellors, psychologist and motivators. We have planned Jove to be so sufficient in all the domains of career and have expert opinions saved from every profession that it can come up with personalized plans for achieving short term and long-term goals based on your lifestyle and environment.

Why covering “every” child is so important for Brainstem?

That is how we plan to create a difference in the society. We can never achieve the things like a generation with a sense of purpose by selling hefty packages to students in the most premium schools of the country. Mass lies somewhere else. That is why Brainstem is pragmatic about the minimalistic cost and covering every child & thanks to technology we will be able to do it.

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